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ITscore Solutions provides Information Technology Services.

The main area of ITscore Solutions is the Business Performance Management, offering the enterprises the help of technology to better control the main indicators of business performance and provide tools to optimize and make their business more competitive.

Business Performance Management objective is to improve eficiency through systemic management of business processes, which should be modeled, automated, integrated controled and optimized continouslly.

ITscore is a company specialized in the offer of Business Performance Management technological solutions, targeted for the SMB market, helping customers to better manage theis business, trying to show the link between technological modernization and the return obtained in operational eficiency and competitivity.

Our mission is the optimization of IT infraestructures and optimization of business processes of the enterprises and organizations, through the development and implementation of Business Performance Management solutions.

Out intent to build a working platform in our clients, allowing the gathering, organization and analyses of information, and the distribution of that information at the various levels of the organization, aligning the strategic goals with the day-to-day actions and turn the metrics in operational eficiency, continuously monitoring performance, making possible to decide in real-time, creating value and competitive advantages.